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A Motivating Experience

Li-San is one of the few piano teachers in Washington State who facilitates an immersive music learning environment both in the studio and outside of lessons. All aspects of learning music (hearing, playing, reading) are integrated into a comprehensive whole, so that students apply learned concepts in multiple ways, whether it be performing, improvising, arranging, or composing. 

Li-San teaches music in a way that empowers the student to be more independent and focused in their piano practice so that when students go home, they remember what they learn. The methods and materials she uses in lessons enable her students to play delightful music early in their piano education, and be motivated by visibly increasing skill level to continue playing the piano for years. 

Li-San explains every topic clearly and precisely. She has a great passion for music, therefore becoming a role model for all students.

Brendan - Teen Student

Caters To Visual & Auditory Learning Styles

Students are playing music they enjoy, because Li-San combines the best of different methods to teach each student, without neglecting fundamental knowledge or skills. 

Li-San's students learn to hear music with understanding, read sheet music and develop proper technique, so that they can perform various styles of music, and have the option to achieve their first piano exam certificate within just 18 months of beginning lessons. 

In addition, they memorize and play beautiful pieces in multiple keys and positions on the piano. This allows them to play by ear, improvise, play in a band, and have fun creating their own music. 

A solid foundation of integrated knowledge built during the first 2-3 years of lessons, means that students can create their own arrangements of popular tunes

This sets up the student to be a confident performer and create original compositions, which leads to their lifelong enjoyment of music. 

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Li-San is a very professional piano teacher. She is very patient to my 5-year little boy and has her tactics to let the kids get interested in playing piano. My son has been learning piano with Li-San for 10 months. 

Now he is able to play duets very well, read music, and stay in time with the accompaniment. I highly recommend Li-San if you are looking for a good piano teacher.

XuXu - Parent