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Piano Lessons That Fast Track Achievement

At Li-San's Piano Studio, students are excited to achieve their goals in the most enjoyable and effective way. 

They learn conceptually, not simply note by note, have a strong sense of rhythm, and have the ability to read and create music easily. 

Li-San's students pass their first Lesson books in half the time of the average piano student: 4-5 months, instead of 8-10 months. 

In traditional lessons, home practice is a burden on students and parents. At Li-San's Piano Studio, students learn their music in the lesson, so all they have to do at home is rehearse what they already learnt. 

One parent messaged me on Thanksgiving to tell me that her son "has been playing his songs non-stop, for my grandparents were visiting. We're so glad you're his teacher". 

No more struggling with pieces that are too hard, and no more nagging your child to practice. They will want to show you their achievements! 
She works at my level so I never feel lost during a piano lesson. I’ve improved heaps and it doesn’t even feel like I’m doing lots of work. She’s always patient, understanding, and fun.

Elaine - Young Student

Become Skilled At Reading Music

Students learn to read through patterns instead of being trapped in one or two hand positions. Students play impressive ensemble pieces all over the piano, with other students or the teacher within 12 months. 

All students also play along with backing tracks so that they get the feeling of playing in a band, even from their first lessons. 

In 2-3 years, students are playing and memorizing a variety of music, including Classical, Christmas, Disney, Pop and Movie Hits. 

Students are encouraged to bring their favorite pieces. 

We can even compose music together! 

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Piano lessons with Li-San are enjoyable and relaxed. She'll be there to correct your flaws, encourage you, and to support decisions you make. 

You find yourself playing out of your own motivation with Li-San tutoring you in how to do what you want to do.

Matthew - Teen Student

Fun iPad Apps and Backing Tracks

Kids make super fast progress when allowed to play music GAMES

Students have asked, "Can I use the iPad?" to which I have replied, "Yes, when you finish that piece", or "Yes, after you complete that page". 

We use engaging websites, apps, or technology in lessons to help students learn and make the piano practising experience feel more like a game than a chore. 

Children are rewarded for focused practice, so that they continue to improve their rhythm, listening skills, and music reading.  

Regular Performance Opportunities

Within one year of lessons, students are ready to perform! 

There are many opportunities for students to perform for their family or peers at performance classes in the studio.

Students make friends with other students and share their enjoyment of music. Performance classes are full of laughter and productive practice in an ensemble, giving students that extra bit of motivation to excel in their piano playing

Sometimes, we play group games to help students internalize rhythm and tonal patterns, and visualize music theory concepts. One 7 year old student exclaimed, "I could have been bored at home this weekend, but here I got to play games. This is the best day ever!".

Students also get to learn piano duets or trios, and perform them together. Parents have told me their child "had so much fun today" after their child was able to get their music recorded on video, and play a trio piano piece with other students. 

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Li-San is the best piano teacher we ever had... She is also very nice, professional, and experienced. She is serious about piano education, thinks, and understands deeper than most other piano teachers. My kids love her!

Sophie - Parent

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